Blu-ray Copy

copy bluray moviesBlue-Cloner is a professional Blu-ray copy tool to make quality Blu-ray backups easily. It can copy Blu-ray movies to BD-R/REs or to the hard disk drive with absolutely the same quality. Its fast copying speed and friendly user interface make the Blu-ray copy easier than ever.

The Blu-ray disc copy software is capable of removing unwanted movie features. It also allows you to make various customized settings, like the selection of audio track and subtitle, the control of the compression rate, and many more.

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Features Overview

System Requirements

Blu-ray Copy Helper

Blu-ray DVD Copy Helper is a plug-in that can help to backup HD DVD and Blu-ray movies. It has no GUI interface. With this Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Help, a general DVD copy application can backup HD and Blu-ray movies to your hard drive.

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What can Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper do?

How to use the HD DVD/Blu-Ray DVD Copy Helper?

NOTE: Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper works with a DVD copy application to copy Blu-ray and HD DVD movies.

Step1: Start the DVD copy software and insert a Blu-Ray disk or HD DVD into the drive.

Step2: Click the "Start" button on the DVD copy software and it will begin to copy.

Note: Please make sure you have installed PowerDVD 7.3 or WinDVD 8.0 or their later versions.
This process may take several seconds to about ten minutes.
Click "setup" to specify the path of PowerDVD or WinDVD.

If calculating disc key fails, you may change the hummer sleep time value:
XBOX 360 drive + PowerDVD: set the value to around 1000ms.
Blu-Ray fixed driver + PowerDVD: set the value to around 600ms.
If you don't know which value to set, you can use the default settings. The program will set a correct value automatically.

If calculating key successes, it will begin to copy data.
Copying a HD DVD movie takes about 40 minutes.
Copying a Blu-ray movie takes about one hour.
The backup finishes successfully. Now you can watch the backup movie with PowerDVD or WinDVD as you like!